Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yes, Please!

A few days ago, I was mentally toying with the trip's schedule. I wondered if it might be better to switch the Southwest and the Colorado Plateau. I could avoid some really serious snow if I head straight for Yosemite after the Grand Canyon trip ends in October, and I'd spend January and February in Utah, where conditions are usually dry, if not mild.

But then I found this. The Ahwahnee Hotel hosts some culinary awesomeness in January and February, and it doesn't cost that much more than the luxury room I was hoping to splurge on anyway. They don't have a schedule for 2012 yet, but I'm willing to nail down a reservation once they do. It sounds like a totally delicious and fun break from camping! Plus it will give me an excuse to pack at least one gala-worthy outfit.

And: I know this is totally ridiculous, but I've named my sleeping bag. Its (his? what gender would a woman's sleeping bag be?) full name is Weatherfirm Featherworm, but I pretty much go with Featherworm for short.

And: I am a nerd.

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