Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye to the Pacific Northwest!

I'm off tomorrow morning, blazing a trail through northern Idaho and into Montana and Glacier National Park, officially starting the Mountain West portion of my journey. Before I go, I must send a shout-out to my unbelievably generous hosts here, Doug and Barb Follett, as well as friends Nick and Anna Lesiecki and Chris Chau, along with Dad, of course, who fed me, showed me the sights, helped me orient myself, and were overall excellent company. The trip has started out fantastically, thanks to them!

Plus I got to hang out with this stuff:

Max, the laid-back dog.

This is his favorite activity.

My friend Itty Bitty, the barn cat.

This is her favorite activity.

Fancy and Boomer, Barb's horses.

Now you know what a yawning horse looks like.

The old-school hot tub, kept at a temperature they no longer allow for safety reasons.

The old-school smoker, which helped Doug prepare many an amazing meal.

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