Thursday, October 14, 2010

These Boots Might Be Made For Something.

I threw down 10+ miles on my hiking boots today. BAM. Keep in mind that these are the all-leather, major-breaking-in kind. And you know what? NO blisters. No sore spots, chafing, or other problems. I got some fatigue in my arches from the weight of them, but WHAT EVER. I'm not even sure how I'm supposed to know when they're broken in.

So here's my official shout-out to Scarpa, makers of really sweet hiking boots. They make walking 10 miles feel like nothing, especially after dancing all night in 4-inch heels at my friend's wedding!


  1. Pictures of the boots would be really cool!

  2. i agree with andrew! also, did the ten miles include elevation change? in my experience most blisters come from ascent/decent on the trail. also, i was just introduced to backpacking magazine ( and i highly recommend it for gear reviews, route ideas and planning suggestions.

  3. I'll have to grab some shots and post them!