Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The trip needs a nickname. I usually call it "my trip," "the big trip," "when I go out West," etc. These are boring. I need something catchy. Flashy. Something that would look good in a logo cut out in chrome and plastered across the grill of a pickup. I need something that evokes this:

In 1983, Journey commissioned NFL Films to make a concert documentary. The epic results are totally worth the substantial difficulty in hunting the thing down. The movie is mostly about Journey roadies, a ragtag gang of rebels with no future but the next town and no lady but the open road. Load up your gear. We're going Frontiers & Beyond.

If that turns out to be just too epic or, alternately, not pretentious enough, the thesaurus suggested "Peregrination," of which I'm rather fond.

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