Sunday, December 12, 2010

Progress Report

Big milestone, you guys. I'm halfway done preparing my dehydrated food! Want to see what three months' worth of food looks like?

It sounds like this.
Four shopping bags. That looks almost... sad.

But this is, in fact, happy news. When I first began dehydrating food, 180 dishes was an unimaginable amount. Filling the first shopping bag seemed to make a negligible dent in the total, and I despaired of ever having enough room to store the stuff, even in the nifty chest freezer I bought. And how would I ever get it where I'm going, and then carry it around with me? But fitting 6 months' worth of dinners into 8 neatly tied shopping bags seems totally doable. That wouldn't top off the trunk of a sedan, much less the bed of a pickup. It'll also make it easier to enlist someone to store the stuff and ship it to me in installments.

I'm very glad I bought the dehydrator and went the route of making my own meals.

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