Friday, December 3, 2010

Random Updates

Things, good and bad. Which first?

The bad: I somehow misplaced my backpacking cookbook, with all the dehydrateable recipes. This isn't too terrible: many of the recipes were sort of meh, I'm having great luck winging it, and the book is always available at the library.

The problem is that with the book went all my notes on how to un-meh the recipes. I bought a couple of key anti-meh ingredients (perishable ones) before I realized I'd misplaced the book. And I can't remember which vaguely Asian recipe was so improved by lemongrass, or which pasta dish tasted so surprisingly delightful with a handful of pomegranate seeds.

The good: I have a backpack! Hilton's Tent City finally called saying it was in. I picked it up, brought it home, and shoved the heaviest thing I had into it. It turns out that my new backpack is excellent at hauling around 22-lb. buckets of kitty litter. I'll have to test it on a long ramble sometime soon.

Intermediate news: I've acquired some apparel, including some good fleecy base-layer stuff, a nice wind shell, and a few other things. My dilemma is this: I sort of want to save all my expensive, fancy stuff so it's in pristine shape when I start, but some of it is just so damn nice that I can't resist the temptation to use it now. For instance, my wind shell (which is also good in light rain) is just too awesome for biking to keep stored in a closet. It's just so trim and toasty! And my fuzzy underlayers--hey, they're perfect for running in the cold! My worry is that I'll get them all funkynasty before I even leave. Some problem, right? My stuff is just too nice! Wah!

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