Friday, February 25, 2011

Makin' Coffee: My New Stove and Mess Kit

This is my stove. It is tiny.

No forced perspective, I promise.

Expanded and assembled, atop a fuel canister. This is the larger size fuel; I'll use the smaller size on the trail.


The pot stores the whole assembly, stove, (small) fuel and all. The handle folds over and clips everything shut together.
Mug/bowl and Coffee Solution. I got the 2-person mess kit, because it had an extra mug/bowl.
Fits nicely.

I didn't time it, but boiling didn't take long. You can see the lid at the upper right.
Slowly, slowly...

Finished product. The plastic mug makes it look sort of blah,

but I can assure you, it is a notably fresh, full-bodied cup.

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  1. Try one of those Starbucks Via instant coffees. It's a bit pricey (cheaper in bulk), but I find it to be just as good or better that what I have brewed in the woods and it's super light weight with no clean up whatsoever (I always find cleaning up the grinds and disposing of them to be a huge hassle).

    Rebecca over at (which I recommend checking out for backpacking on the West Coast) has an interesting method for making coffee: