Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let's Not Get Crazy

Now that I'm just one month out, I'm starting to gather all my stuff and think about how to pack. I still have all my super-sophisticated backpacking gear from previous travels, and it's way more fun than it should be to spread everything out on the floor and decide what I'll need and what I won't.

However, my hyper-preparedness for my last trip has made me paranoid. Because I have so much wilderness gear, it's tempting to pack as though I'm going to blast into the outback by myself for two months straight.

I keep having to remind myself: Australia is a civilized country! They sell food there! They have giant camping stores! One of their nationwide banks has a deal with my nationwide bank so I won't even pay ATM fees!

Seriously. This is a driving trek, not a hiking trek; at most, I plan to spend 5 or 6 (non-consecutive) nights out of two months camping away from my vehicle.

Also, summer clothing is much, much smaller than winter clothing. I'm happily realizing that I'll need to carry fewer bags than I planned. I just have to make sure there's room to bring home koalas wine.

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