Monday, February 24, 2014

The Equivalent Australian Opposite of "G'Day!"

Tomorrow is launch day! I'll be in a netherworld of jet lag and time-zone differences from Tuesday until Thursday evening, local time. Since several people have asked for a map, here's the outline I put up a few months back:

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Click the link under "view larger map" to see what the lettered points are. My main plan hasn't changed much since I made this. In fact, the only official reservations I've made are the flight in and out and a 4-day acclimation stay in Perth.

Today, my main errand is to drop off Sindri at the boarder's. I like to imagine that when my cat is "going to the boarder's," he's really going to a chain bookstore where nerds will let him sit on their laps while they read comics, and where maybe someone will sneak him a slug of whipped cream now and then from the on-site Starbucks.

See you when it's summer!

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