Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Farewell Moose

My last morning in Grand Teton, I awoke early to an odd scraping sound a little ways off from my tent. My site was at the outskirts of the campground, on the edge of a sage meadow. I looked out and saw a bull moose scuffing his antlers on the sage. He trundled off as quickly as I've ever seen a moose move, so I didn't see much of him.

Later, as I made breakfast, I spotted a cow moose near the same spot. Not long after, the bull moose came jogging back across the meadow to pursue her. The pair hung around the campground the entire morning, alternately courting and playing hard-to-get, to the delight of all the campers. I did feel a little bad that we were all gawking, but what are you going to do when there are moose at your breakfast table?

It had become very fall-like by now.

I can't tell if the photographers were cock-blocking or what.
I also took some random shots of the open valley.

A large wildfire that I learned later was a controlled/intentional burn to manage the forest.
A bison using utility wires as a scratching post.

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