Friday, October 21, 2011

Grand Canyon


This entry is mostly a placeholder for a longer, somewhat more detailed entry about rafting through Grand Canyon. I'm not sure how detailed I'll get, because sixteen days is a very long time to recount, and things have already begun to blur together. I also hope to wait until my entire group has set up a photo-sharing site, because I didn't end up taking that many pictures, and even fewer came out well (sand in the lens). Luckily, others have tons of pictures, and several people were skilled photographers.

Summation: It was overwhelmingly awesome. The canyon, the whitewater, the hiking, the guides, the food, the fellow travelers. Right now, I'm only about 2 hours off the bus and still in urgent need of laundry and a jump-started car battery before I get together with our group and guides for a final sendoff dinner.

Check for more later, plus a possible outline of my itinerary from here on out. I hadn't made any concrete plans, and I'm mulling over some big changes to the plans I did make.

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